Considering the achieved results and the development of Teamsales, the management of the Company made a strategic decision to introduce and apply an  integrated management system,  with the aim of increasing competitiveness on the market by increasing the ability to meet the demands of our customers.


Obtaining  certificates  should not only be as a kind of formal declaration of compliance with the requirements of the relevant international standards, but the Teamsales company aims to have the certification  performed by a renowned, globally recognized certification company,  TÜV SÜD Slovakia s.r.o..

Security clearance

We have a security clearance for classification level T – Secret.


Our company also hold permit “trade in defense industry products” 

Integrated management system

Our company has implemented and maintains processes in 7 management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 25000, ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO 10006, ISO 14001).


By introducing 7 management systems, Teamsales has become  one of the leading IT companies, as well as companies providing aerial work through drones.

We declare that we are able to meet customer needs on the Slovak market and at the same time present our  integrated approach  to certified areas.


The policy of the integrated management system of Teamsales is in line with the mission and needs of customers and presents a pillar for setting goals.

Integrated Management System Policy

The policy of the integrated management system is based on an understanding of internal and external contexts and is related to the Company’s strategy. It is based on the integration of 7 management systems, is appropriate to the purpose of the company and is defined in terms of the characteristics of the business, the organization, its location, assets and technologies.


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