Cyber Security

The ultimate target of our company is to implement highest grade security of information systems for our customers.

We change your point of view on security

Web Sites and Services Security

We provide sophisticated solutions for quality protection of public and private web sites and services. We consider web security a complex issue that must be solved not only for visitors but in relation to internal users also. In the area of internal processes, we specialize to protect of public and private web services protocols using REST, SOAP, and possibly other protocols that are now often used. We provide solutions for data exchange between internal users of web platform that increase the protection against potential threats. At the same time we provide audit of web sites and services which identify the components, the processes and the logical behaviour of applications with a focus on security. An important part of the security settings audit is also the penetration testing.

We provide integrated solutions based on the SIEM tools, which consists of the design and implementation of a monitoring infrastructure, recommendations on the modification of existing infrastructure for the implementation’s aim of security monitoring. Part of our solutions is the training of administrators and operators to evaluate the infrastructure monitoring information about the security situation of monitoring environment. We put a special attention to obtaining inputs for SIEM tools. Part of our solution is creating own correlation rules for security incidents detection and the subsequent reports and notifications generating.


We provide solutions for detecting changes in configurations of workstations, servers, and technological equipment as opposed to the standard, monitoring activities of the privileged users and detect and prevent network attacks with the help of Incident Detection System (IDS) and Incident Prevention System (IPS).

Centres for the security situation monitoring development

Corporate IT Data Centres and Private Cloud Solutions Development

In the area of building IT infrastructure we provide security solutions targeted at different segments of the broad issues with an emphasis on complex network security. This category can include services focused on:



  • Protection of target infrastructure from sophisticated Internet attacks
  • Segmentation of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures
  • Central access control
  • Secure remote access (IPsec / SSL VPN, VDI or WiFi)
  • Mobile access


In the context of web interfaces protection, we design and implement solutions to ensure web communication protection through the web and reverse proxy. For the protection of email communications, we use a variety of security solutions including special email gateways. We also provide products and solutions to monitor the security, for complex protection against viruses and malware or network attacks. All things considered, the penetration testing of network infrastructure is also an integral part of our portfolio.

The area of processing sensitive information infrastructures involves a number of specific areas. Our company focuses on:


  • Authentication and control access
  • Protection of end-point devices
  • End to End Encryption
  • Security Monitoring


From the perspective of authentication and control access we use technology such as:


  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Federated authentication token
  • Authentication using a one-time tokens – OTP
  • Single sign – SSO
  • PKI infrastructure


We provide complex solutions involving infrastructure PKI building, PKI infrastructure integration with AD also.  We specialize on support of this infrastructure for mobile devices in order to improve the comfort of the user’s access to the corporate network. 

The security protection of workstations and servers on Linux and Windows we provide solutions focused at:


  • Protection against viruses and spam
  • Protection against malware
  • Protection against running unauthorised code or applications
  • Protection against unauthorized configuration change
  • Monitor and block suspicious activities on the system (HIPS)

Processing of sensitive information infrastructure development

Analyses and Audits

This area is closely linked to the complex portfolio of our company. We specialize on analysis of network communication for the purpose of anomalies identification and infiltrations. Thanks to the sophisticated detection system we know to reveal the efforts of a system security violation in right time, which increases the security of the entire system. Our company specializes in a wide range of security areas.


Our goal is to always find the best solution with respect to reliability and security. We also provide security auditing services, auditing of database solutions for the identification security risks

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