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There is no limit to ingenuity, and the only limiting factor for commercial UAVs is their carrying capacity. With the right tools, it is possible to turn a toy into a deadly weapon that conventional radars cannot detect due to its small reflective surface.

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The portfolio of Teamsales s.r.o. has been focusing on progressive and modern technologies with the potential to exponentially increase efficiency, safety and added value since 2016. What started as a vision and belief in the future of the fourth industrial revolution, which brings new so-called disruptive technologies, has transformed over time into a stable company equipped with both technical and personnel skills enabling these technologies to be comprehensively provided to customers from various spheres. Management of Teamsales s.r.o. set out to build awareness of the latest innovation trends and implement them into the processes of its clients. The introduction of several ISO standards improved the company’s flexibility to respond promptly to market changes. Most of the employees of Teamsales s.r.o. has a security clearance issued by the National Security Office. Competencies of Teamsales s.r.o. they are also more prepared to reflect customer requirements, as evidenced by the industrial safety certificate issued by the NBU, the permit for trade in defense industry products issued by the Ministry of Economy, and the permit to perform aerial work issued by the Transport Office. Hard work, experience and uncompromising quality build Teamsales s.r.o. to the position of a stable pillar of the security industry in Slovakia with many satisfied customers.


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Majority of people have no idea what a security threat drones really are.


As a leading company in Slovakia, we provide protection against drones and it will be our pleasure to meet with you, discuss your concerns and propose an optimal solution that will protect you and your equipment from UAV danger.

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