Unmanned vehicles

Our company specializes in one of the most revolutionary technologies today – unmanned vehicles, or drones in short. UAV systems within our portfolio help not only security and specialized units in fulfilling their tasks.


Aviation surveillance solution

The aerial surveillance solution in the form of a cable-powered UAV is an automated, powerful and compact UAS designed for continuous aerial day and night surveillance of an area of ​​interest.

  • 24 hour operation
  • Data transfer 200 Mb/s         
  • 2 kg load capacity            
  • IP 54 degree of protection
  • Detection range 10km    
  • Max. height 100m


An unmanned helicopter widely used for ISTAR missions, cargo transfer, search operations, radio reconnaissance or remote sensing. Integrated onboard sensors and advanced processing provide critical information on enemy movement, deployment and communications in real time.


The moving ground target indication function provides support to the command in tracking and accurately targeting targets. The helicopter can be equipped with a firing system.

  • Maximum speed 240 km/h
  • Length only 3 m              
  • 200 km data link
  • Maximum load capacity 50 kg   
  • Durability 10+ hours        
  • 2 operators

VTOL - vertical take-off and landing

Fully automated vertical take-off enables the start of a UAV mission without a runway or catapult, thus combining the advantages of a helicopter and an airplane. The UAV is ideal for demanding operations such as take-off and landing in variable terrain in high-speed winds. The aircraft is equipped with an anti-jamming system.

  • Operation even in areas without GPS
  • Durability 14+ hours
  • 180 km data link
  • Safety parachute                     
  • Service by 2 operators  
  • 4.5 kg load capacity

Search & rescue system

The system works as a mobile BTS station, to which phones in the vicinity are automatically connected, which makes it possible to obtain various information about these devices, including their location, and to communicate with them.

Deploying a search module on an unmanned vehicle brings an exponential increase in efficiency when searching for a missing person. In areas without network coverage, especially in mountainous environments, the deployment of this advanced technology can be the dividing line between life and death for a missing person.

  • Compatible with DJI Matrice 300
  • Simple GUI
  • Weight 0.6 kg
  • Sending SMS to the missing person            
  • Calling the missing person     
  • Accurate geolocation


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